Investigation: Asthma control is still poor

[ad_1] 1 in 4 asthma patients seek emergency treatment By Salynn BoylesWebMD Health News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD February 18, 2010 – Asthma patients know more about controlling their disease than ten years ago and have better drugs to do it. But a new national survey finds little decline …

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Closing PDA early may improve outcomes in premature infants

[ad_1] Credit: Public domain Pixabay / CC0 According to a study published by cardiologist Le Bonheur Ranjit Philip, MD and Medical Director of Interventional Cardiac Imaging and Interventional Catheterization Laboratory Shyam Sathanandam, MD. Closing the PDA early can prevent the early onset of pulmonary vascular disease, promote growth, and facilitate …

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Neanderthal-derived proteins may reduce the severity of COVID-19

[ad_1] Credit: Public domain Pixabay / CC0 Researchers at the Lady Davis Institute (LDI) at the Jewish General Hospital have found that increased levels of the OAS1 protein are associated with reduced mortality and less severe illness requiring ventilation in patients with COVID-19 . The use of drugs that increase …

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Alzheimer’s disease can strike women and men differently

[ad_1] By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter The ravages of Alzheimer’s disease may strike later in women than in men, but once they set in, women tend to deteriorate much faster than men, according to a new study. Something known as cognitive reserve helps the aging brain function better for longer, …

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